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Neon Skies is a play-to-earn DeFi NFT game in development on the Polygon blockchain. Our forthcoming “SkyPunk Legacy” NFTs are limited-edition art collectibles that will double as highly valuable in-game bonuses when Neon Skies “RAIN Games” are released.

After World War Terminus and the subsequent fall of federal governments, humanity endured the rapid acceleration of climate change and collapsing social order. After a period of instability, the Neon Skies Council emerged to bring peace and order among disparate factions across the planet.

The year is 2199. The climate is so unstable and unforgiving that humanity has resorted to eco-engineering the weather to survive. Under the watch of the 12th Neon Skies Council, operatives in the Restorative Atmospheric INitiatives (RAIN) District deploy high-altitude “weather drones” to detonate explosive Neon Ice capsules, attempting to seed the atmosphere with desperately needed rain. These explosions are visible during the day; however, they’re incredibly bright and vivid at night, resulting in… neon skies.

SkyPunks were the first humans who attempted to rebuild civilization around the revolutionary Neon Skies technology. Generations of varied customs, traditions, styles, and political beliefs fractured the SkyPunks into the five distinct factions we know today—but these early elders are long gone. They are the precursors of our new world, forever imprinted on our history in NFT form on the Polygon blockchain. We call them: SkyPunk Legacy.

SkyPunk Legacy is only the beginning—game updates, insider info, and a knowledgeable community await those who join our Discord server.

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Recap of April 3 Council (core team) AMA

The following is an edited transcript of an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session that took place on April 3, 2022 (we were unable to record the AMA due to some last minute technical difficulties). Questions were submitted by Neon Skies Discord members and answered by Council members in a voice channel on our server. If nothing below makes sense, check out our litepaper on the Neon Skies website.

🏛 Economics / sustainability / whitelisting

  • What’s the plan for long-term sustainability of the economic model of Neon Skies?
    We have curated the tokenomics by learning from different projects, thus we plan to integrate various activities along our roadmap such as staking, mini-games, and other add-ons that are easy to incorporate into the game. By adding unique mechanics such as the Pilot License system that allows for staggered entries/withdrawals, we have massively extended the longevity of the reward pool according to our simulations. Our short term main goal is to gather enough funds to start the development of an actual playable game following RAIN Games that expands on established and to-be-released lore, which will lead to an even more robust ecosystem.
  • Is there a mechanic planned to limit single entities (whales) from buying up the majority of SkyPunk Legacy NFTs and Chem Labs?
    There are a few: The Pilot License system (our whitelisting mechanic) allows people to join and leave the game at a staggered pace; Players are not rewarded in-game for owning any more than five SkyPunk Legacy NFTs (one of each faction); Our tokenless model ($RAIN being non-DEX in-game token equivalent to $USDC) prevents pump-and-dump manipulation on any proprietary token
  • How will you handle the launch? Fairlaunch/beta/whitelist and so on?
    Whitelisting for SkyPunk Legacy NFT purchases will initially occur via Discord (according to metrics that are internal to the team at the moment), then we will move on to Pilot Licenses and other items further down the roadmap. It is our goal to get a SkyPunk Legacy NFT into the hands of everyone who wants one.

📊 NFT purchasing / pricing

  • What will the price be for each type of NFT? How about (Chem Lab) prices?
    → Chemists: $50–800 USDC, depending on experience level (rarity)
    → Weather Drones: $200–4000 USDC, depending on explosive capacity (rarity)
    → SkyPunk Legacy NFTs: TBA (more than $100, less than $1000 USDC)
    → Chemistry Labs: TBA
    → Pilot Licenses: $150 USDC
  • Will we be able to purchase the NFTs directly from the website?
    This depends on the NFT. Chemists and Weather Drones will be mintable via our website. SkyPunk Legacy NFTs will be minted on our website during launch and then they can be offered on OpenSea as a secondary market. Chemistry Labs and Pilot Licenses will be minted on OpenSea.
  • How can one own a Chemistry lab? Is there any specific requirement to be owners of chemistry labs?
    The Neon Skies Council will release more information about Chemistry Lab ownership in the coming weeks. With a supply of only 26 Labs, we want to ensure this process is as fair as possible.

🕹️ Gameplay

  • What will gameplay look like?
    In the short term, gameplay will be limited to “click-to-earn” like RAIN Games and other TBA mini-games, although some players may also enjoy the NFT trading and speculation aspect as well. In the long term, we can’t say much other than we are planning an immersive game that builds on and expands the existing Neon Skies lore.
  • Is there a benefit to owning multiple SkyPunk Legacy NFTs?
    There is a massive gameplay benefit to owning multiple SkyPunk Legacy NFTs. Each faction has a bonus in the game, and owning multiple SkyPunk Legacy NFTs allows players to stack these bonuses. Additionally, owners may speculate on their reselling potential on the secondary market.
  • If I have 10 drones, will I be able to attempt 10 weather events per day?
    That depends on the Chemist experience level (rarity) — The highest rarity Chemist (“Post-Doc”) can have a maximum of 10 drones assigned to it. For players/accounts with multiple Chemists, the highest exp. level Chemist will be selected by the game
  • How do we get higher explosive capacity for our drone?
    Players can purchase a firmware update for their drone to increase explosive capacity within its corresponding atmospheric layer. Firmware updates increase explosive capacity by 400 EC / update.
  • Will the main gameplay be once a day or is there a mechanic to keep players tuned in?
    For now, RAIN Games will be once-a-day in terms of initiating weather events. We are starting with an approach we’re familiar with, and then building up from there — aiming to incorporate many more features that allow us to have more engaging gameplay for our players.
  • If I have a Legacy NFT and I don’t need a pilot license how is my faction chosen? Can I switch?
    Each SkyPunk Legacy NFT has a faction attribute built-in — if you wish to change factions based on the SkyPunk ownership, you would have to sell it and acquire a different one with the faction attribute you want.
  • If I buy a pilot license for 150 and really really want to switch factions (even at the cost of another $150), can I?
    Yes. Same mechanic as the prior question — to change factions, sell the NFT that determines your current faction, and then acquire one with the faction you want.
  • Psssst… If you’re reading this, send a DM to Frobisher on Discord (NS | Frobisher#3272) for a special prize
  • Do chemists have stats? I’m assuming this NFT will level up as it’s used. If so, what are experience gains and caps per level?
    Beyond drone assignment and experience level, Chemists do not have leveling-up through use. We will put this feature in our backlog and review if it makes sense to implement in the future.
  • If I’m able to use atmospheric layer 26 do I HAVE to? Can I choose which layer to attempt a weather event in?
    Yes, but it’s to the player’s benefit to always attempt the highest layer possible

☔ Miscellaneous

  • Are there any private investors? How long will the vesting periods be and how much % will be unlocked every time?
    Neon Skies has no private investors — all development to this point has been funded with personal Council funds. Thus, there is no vesting.
  • How will the marketing be done?
    Initial marketing will be done organically via our already growing community and will greatly expand in scope and funding in the coming months.
  • The website and litepaper mention a Lead Developer. Does the lead dev have experience with NFT gaming? Does Neon Skies have multiple developers and testers on the team? How will Neon Skies prevent exploits and bot attacks?
    Yes, our lead developer has extensive NFT experience. Additionally, we will be on the lookout for new hires as the game grows. We have smart contract audits and Council KYC in our internal roadmap as well.
  • Does the game require gas fees?
    Yes. Because Neon Skies is built on the Polygon blockchain, the low-cost MATIC token will be used as gas for transactions (see also: Setting up Metamask for Polygon)




DeFi NFT game on Polygon blockchain

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Neon Skies

DeFi NFT game on Polygon blockchain

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